Business Chits

Traditional Venture Funding

Up to INR 5 crore available.

Upfront payment after 1st installment.

Can specify the date you want the money on the day you join.

Can specify whether you want monthly, weekly or daily remittance.

Our customer care officers can collect your daily remittance form the place of your business at no extra charge. So, you don't have to take time out from your business for the purpose of remitting money.

No guarantor outside of your family necessary. Guarantor can be your family member. It is not necessary to request a fellow chit holder to stand guarantee for your chit.

No chit auction (lelam). So you can avail of the full amount that you are entitled to as per the chit policy. This saves you from unnecessarily losing money in a competitive auction.

No public auction. No one other than you will ever know that you have taken a chit.

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